Export Services

  1. Title (Maintain ownership) for Export  $ Varies based on type 
  2. Shippers Export Dec.        $ 125 (includes air manifest CBP form 7509 and Commercial Invoice)
  3. EAPIS                                   $ 75
  4. Complete Export                From $ 389
  5. Consulting                           From $ 150 
  6. Insurance                             From $20 per day

Ferry Pilot Services 

All rates for delivery flights are flat rates.  There will be no additional day fees at the end of the flight. when you receive a quote, the price is what you will pay for the pilot regardless of additional days for weather or unexpected maintenance.  

Piston (turbine add 25%)

  1. Domestic                         $350-600 /day
  2. Int’l Americas                 From $3500
  3. Int’l Europe                     From $4000
  4. Int’l Asia                          From $6000
  5. Int’l Middle East            From $10,000

*Pilot only, contact us with the aircraft type for estimate of expenses (fuel, lodging, meals, airfare)

We Accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

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All pricing is subject to change.  Ferry flight pricing is exclusive of expenses.  In some locations or regions, services may become immediately unavailable due to political or military conflicts.