Ferry Flights

Typically the ferry flight is when the excitement begins for the aircraft purchaser.  This is when you can either come and be part of flying your new bird on an exciting, and probably the most technically complex fight the aircraft will undergo, or you might choose to follow along via satellite tracking and daily photo updates.  Either way you’ll be comfortable in the knowledge your aircraft will be operated by an experienced pilot familiar with the systems and operating procedures specific to your type.  With so many flights along the typical ferry routes we have a good relationship with insurance companies who are available to provide full liability and hull coverage.  Upon arrival at the destination we are able to provide familiarization flights with the buyer or buyer’s flight instructor for another facet of the seamless ownership transition.

Training in Your Aircraft

For many aircraft types, we offer insurance approved initial and recurrent training at discounted prices through Aviation Training Management.  The in-aircraft training will be custom suited to your operation and generally last from one to five days.  You’ll get a chance to cover systems, emergency procedures, performance, and get actual experience with your avionics within the IFR environment.