Documents and Services

Fast Track can complete all of your EXPORT needs including;

  • Aircraft Ownership for the Export Process and Ferry Flight (registered aircraft dealer for Brazil)
  • Pre-Buy Inpections and Test or Acceptance Flights
  • Export Certificates of Airworthiness
  • Overflight Permits
  • Customs Submissions and Forms, Complete Packages for Multiple Countries
  • Shipping Export Declaration or S.E.D.
  • Air Waybills and Commercial Invoices
  • Container Shipping of Aircraft across the Country or Across the Ocean

We can also take care of;

  • Airplane or Helicopter Leasing
  • Complete International Flight Planning 
  • International Handling and Coordination
  • Fuel and Lodging Abroad
  • Insurance Approved in Aircraft Training
  • Initial and Recuret Training on the Piper Navajo, Meridian, Mirage, Jetprop, Cheyene and Aerostar. Also availible in the Beech King Air, Duke, Baron, and Cessna 300 or 400 series twins.  
  • Ferry Flight Consutation

Online EAPIS information entry form or Download paper entry form for fax

Online SED information entry form or Download paper entry form in English or in Portuguese

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