Consulting Services

Purchasing Assistance by defining the best aircraft for the owner’s Mission

We have had the chance to not only deliver and configure airplanes but also get involved much earlier in the planning phase.  By engaging a third party familiar with a multitude of operations there is no bias placed upon which aircraft would best suit your needs.  With the ability to reach out to a network of brokers or direct clients looking to sell an aircraft there can be a more transparent search for the most suitable aircraft for a particular operation.  This became an appernent service in the industry that we determined wasn’t fulfilled after speaking to aircraft owners whom after 6 months of ownership realized they were either paying far too much for a more expensive aircraft to do a job that a smaller or more efficient aircraft will do.  We also ran into a surprising amount of owners that were already looking to move up in a short period because the plane that they purchased wasn’t able to routinely accomplish their mission without an additional fuel stop or carry the combination of people, baggage, and fuel required.  Our ability to objectively assess an operation has been vital in our successfully providing this service.

Post purchase support

We proudly don’t deliver a new plane and say good luck.  After your new aircraft arrives we are able to Staff pilots temporarily as yours are trained, provide a safety pilot for “Initial Operating Experience” or assist in the selection of full time crew.  If the aircraft will be owner flown, through a partnership with Aviation Training Management, we are able to provide both discounted initial and recurrent training. Upon the aircrafts arrival at its new base, there will  be accounts to set up for any avionics update services, inflight internet or communications, warranty or maintenance programs, aircraft management, and airport support services.  We will shop the market to provide the most cost efficient but highly rated service providers to be a partner in maintaining a highly reliable flight department.

Initial and follow up financial budgets

The ability to work directly with an owner while accessing the most cost effective aircraft for their mission would include discussions about range, fuel efficiency, payload, insurance cost, hangar and support cost, expected maintenance schedules and cost, etc.  With all of the factors considered an ownership budget can be established and a determination as to whether chartering the aircraft to offset cost would be prudent.  After the plane is purchased follow-ups will be made to determine maximum efficiency of the aircraft.