1975 Cessna 150M

This low time Cessna 150M with a Continental O-200A Engine producing 100HP has many new components and low times.  It had an individual owner, not a flight school.  There were many parts replaced and it just received new paint.  The aircraft is currently at SSOK airport in Londrina, Brazil. 

AFTT: 4300                   SMOH: 0 (2013)                    SPOH: 100 (2012)

                          Mags: 2010                            Seatbelts: 8/12                    Annual    3/12                 

                          Alternator: 2010                      ELT: 406MHz                      VFR Cert: 8/12

                          Starter : 2010                          Throtle cables: 8/12            Vacuum: 8/12



Localização: Londrina, Parana