Fast Track specializes in the exportation, ferry flights, and training for aircraft and helicopters.  Our proven record of safety, efficiency, and abundance of flying experience allow us to reposition your aircraft to Brazil, Europe, Australia, Latvia, South Africa, or anywhere else on the globe with the utmost of care.  There are no low time pilots here trying to build time, simply experienced international pilots with thousands of flying hours across a wide array of aircraft.  Fast Track Flight is one of the few companies with full liability and comprehensive insurance for our international and domestic ferry flights availible at a reasonable cost.

"I established Fast Track in 2008 to provide solutions to all of your aviation needs, to exceed every expectation, and to provide extraordinary customer experiences. Personalized consultation is the core of our business.  Please contact us about your specific situation to hear how Fast Track can address your unmet aviation needs."


North Atlantic Crossing ferries receive a discount this season!!

 Many of the ferry flight photos are uploaded to the Facebook Page.



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